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Just out: "Communities and Conflicts in the Alps from the Late Middle Ages to Early Modernity" edited by di Marco Bellabarba, Hannes Obermair and Hitomi Sato

Communities and Conflicts in the Alps from the Late Middle Ages to Early Moderni
Collana:  Contributi
Numero:  30
Autori:  Marco Bellabarba,  Hannes Obermair, Hitomi Sato
Anno di edizione:  2015
Città:  Bologna - Berlin
Editore:  il Mulino - Duncker & Humblot
Pagine:  251
ISBN:  978-88-15-25383-5
Prezzo di copertina:  €22.00
Yoshihisa Hattori, Community, Communication, and Political Integration in the Late Medieval Alpine Regions. Survey from a Comparative ViewpointMarco Bellabarba, Legal Transfer and Connected Histories. The Trentino and Tyrolean Legal Models of the Early 1500sLuigi Provero, A Local Political Sphere. Communities and Individuals in the Western Alps (Thirteenth Century)Taku Minagawa, Border Confl icts between Bohemia and Bavaria and Their Solutions. Comparative ConsiderationsEmanuele Curzel, Alpine Village Communities, Ecclesiastic Institutions, and Clergy in Confl ict. The Late Middle AgesHannes Obermair, How to Record a Confl ict? The Communities of the German Part of the Diocese of Trent during the Late Middle AgesCarlo Taviani, Hunting Witches in Fiemme Valley (1504-1506)Massimo Della Misericordia, Ritual Surveys. Confl ict, Articulation, and Composition of Local Societies within the Sacred Sphere in the Lombardy Alps during the Late Middle AgesVincenzo Lavenia, The Alpine Model of Witchcraft. The Italian Context in the Early Modern PeriodKatia Occhi, Resources, Mercantile Networks, and Communities in the Southeastern Alps in the Early Modern PeriodMarcello Bonazza, Tax, Property, and Community. Mapping Fiscal Microconflictualism in Tyrol in the Early Modern PeriodxHitomi Sato, Towns and Nobles in South Tyrol (Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries)Alessandro Paris, Aristocratic Prestige and Military Function. The Counts of Arco between the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth CenturiesToshiyuki Tanaka, The District Court and the Nobility of the Basel-Land Region (Fifteenth Century)
Marco Bellabarba, Università di Trento, FBK-ISIG
Marcello Bonazza, Società di studi trentini di scienze storiche
Emanuele Curzel, Università di Trento
Massimo Della Misericordia, Università di Milano Bicocca
Yoshihisa Hattori, Kyoto University
Vincenzo Lavenia, Università di Macerata
Taku Minagawa, University of Yamanashi
Hannes Obermair, Archivio Storico Città di Bolzano / Stadtarchiv Bozen
Katia Occhi, FBK-ISIG
Alessandro Paris, FBK-ISIG
Luigi Provero, Università di Torino
Hitomi Sato, Konan University
Toshiyuki Tanaka, Kanazawa University
Carlo Taviani, FBK-ISIG
Friday, November 27, 2015