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World War I 1914-1918. Trentino, Italy, Europe (2013-2015)


Heads of research: Paolo Pombeni (ISIG-FBK) and Gustavo Corni (Univ. Trento)
Project coordinator: Marco Mondini (ISIG-FBK)

This project was born of a realisation that Italian historiography was progressively losing importance in the international historical debate on the Great War.
In response to this risk of marginalisation it was decided to set up a new research unit, the first in Italy to be devoted exclusively to the 1914-1918 conflict.
The '1914-1918. Trentino, Italy, Europe' project came about thanks to an agreement between the Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG)-FBK and the University of Trento (Department of Letters and Philosophy). After an initial phase of analysis of the current status of international study in the area and assessment of possible lines of research, a three-year research project proposal was put before the Autonomous Province of Trento and approved. This project provided for:
- The setting up of a mixed ISIG-University team
- The launching of two parallel lines of research: cultural history and social history of the First World War
both of which conducted along three main axes:
a) the situation in Trentino (forms of militarisation of the region; impact of the war on the civilian population; regional war memorials and commemorations)
b) the wider Italian context (how mobilisation was structured; creation of consent in public opinion; forms of transition from traditional society to a modern war society; 'theatres of memory')
c) the European comparison (the many wars fought by Italians outside of Italy; Trentino and Italy as an international crossroads of human forces and events; the stories of those returning from the war).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 to Thursday, December 31, 2015

1914-1918 online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War
Centre for War Studies – Trinity College Dublin

Project financed by PAT
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