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The weight of history in the management of political consensus


Scientific Head: Paolo Pombeni
Scientific coordinator: Maurizio Cau

The research project aims at reconstructing, limited to certain stages of World War II, the problem of the weight of history in the management of political transitions. It is built around three different themes: the formation of a new constitutional culture in Italy and Germany, the management of political change between the late fifties and early sixties in Italy and France, the reconstruction of national identity in Austria.
The contexts being analyzed are different, but this allows an investigation into the "regularity" of the processes in the relationship between a certain type of objectives (the management of a complicated transition), the availability of "cultures" more or less influenced by the weight of history, and the ability of political classes to use the cultural resources available as elements of legitimation and defusing of anxiety in gathering consensus in a transitional phase.
From a cognitive point of view, the purpose is to acquire elements to better understand the dynamics of the construction of a political consensus whenever managing a transition requires a confrontation with the history of a country, not in reference to a single event, but in─explicit or implicit─reference to the "images" that a certain culture has transmitted regarding its past as the roots of an identity.
In terms of impact on the local communities and─more in general─on the "shared destiny" in which we are embedded, the goal is to provide a stimulating intellectual contribution to the debate on governing consensus models in historical contingencies.

Saturday, January 1, 2011 to Monday, December 31, 2012

Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Università di Innsbruck; Dipartimento di Storia Politica, Università di Bologna

Project co-sponsored by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto