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TREWI: documents on the Great War in Trento and Vienna



Scientific Director: Paolo Pombeni
Scientific Coordinator: Marco Bellabarba
Collaborators: Francesca Brunet (FBK-ISIG), Alessandro Livio (FBK-ISIG), Mirko Saltori (Trento Provincial Archive), Nicola Fontana (Rovereto War Museum)

As part of the operation of ordering and inventorying the “Military Tribunals” and “War Trials” archive collections at the Trento State Archives, this work proposes: a) to study Austrian legislation and military criminal procedure from the mid-19th century to the end of the war, b) reconstruct the history of the document collections deposited at the Trento State archives and sundry other bibliographical sources, and c) perform a first rough inventory of the 162 ‘Military Tribunal’ envelopes and the 40 ‘War Trials’ envelopes, divided by type of content.

Work on the Kriegsüberwachungsamt collection, comprised of 290 deed boxes, 39 registers and 20 filing systems, will consist in exploring the history of whoever produced the archive, examining the papers in it box by box, and then compiling a detailed list of deeds referring to people and places in the Trentino. It will also entail a reconnaissance aiming to list and describe documentation of interest to the Trento area, which will later be digitised for use by Trento research institutes.

The TREWI project sets out to identify, describe and inventory documents kept in the Trento State Archive and the Vienna Kriegsarchiv which may be of interest to studies of the Great War. Working in tandem with the Trento Provincial Archive and the Rovereto War Museum, which have outlined the scientific contents, project TREWI aims to identify and describe sources indispensable for studying certain social phenomena characterising the World War I years and the immediate run-up to them.

Il progetto TREWI è dedicato all'individuazione e alla descrizione inventariale di documentazione conservata presso l’Archivio di Stato di Trento e il Kriegsarchiv di Vienna di interesse per gli studi sulla Grande Guerra. Realizzato in cooperazione con l’Archivio Provinciale di Trento e il Museo della guerra di Rovereto, che ne hanno delineato i contenuti scientifici, il progetto TREWI si propone di individuare e descrivere fonti indispensabili per lo studio di alcuni fenomeni sociali che caratterizzarono gli anni del primo conflitto mondiale ed il periodo ad esso immediatamente precedente.
Monday, October 1, 2012 to Saturday, January 30, 2016

Archivio provinciale di Trento; Museo della Guerra di Rovereto.

Project financed by PAT.