Polycentrical perspectives on global history: New interpretations of time, space and society

To this date, the historiography on global history has achieved an impressive record. For about two decades, there has been virtually no topic in the social sciences and humanities that has not been examined in one way or another from the perspective of globalisation. Nevertheless, it is hard to overlook the fact that the questions and methods, and concepts of this line of research have meanwhile reached their limits.

The workshop will look into these problems in a detailed manner. On the one hand, the papers aim to accentuate the polycentrism of global historical experiences. On the other hand, it will reconsider historical meta-categories such as space (e.g., Mediterranean) and time (e.g., Cold War and development policy), and it will also discuss selected key concepts of socialisation (e.g., the bourgeoisie) in a global historical perspective.


14:00 -15:20
Roland Wenzlhuemer, Dis:connections in Global History
Kiran Patel, The global economic conference of 1933 and questions of (de-)globalization
Laura di Fiore, A global History of the Nineteenth-century Political Mediterranean


Marco Meriggi, Social mobility, identities, and mediation. Reflexions on the global bourgeoisie
Sara Lorenzini, Global development in the Cold War
Christoph Cornelissen, Europa as a world region: globalisation / de-globalisation since the 1970s

Gabriele D’Ottavio

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