Luca Castiglioni

  • Collaborator
  • Italian Colonialism
  • History of the Dodecanese
  • Italo-Greek Relations
  • Fascism and Colonialism

Luca Castiglioni was awarded his PhD in History by the University of Pavia in 2016 (XXVIII Cycle) with a dissertation entitled “Assab, alle origini del Colonialismo Italiano”.

Since 2017 he has dedicated his research to the study of the Italian domination over the Dodecanese. In ISIG he is working on the project “Salò’s Colony: the Italian Islands of the Aegean and the RSI (1943-1945)”

Also since 2017 he’s an external teaching aid in contemporary history, European contemporary history and economic history at the Facoltà di Scienze della Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale of the University of Milan.


Related Projects


2020 – In review: “Il Bastione del Levante”: politiche coloniali nelle Isole Italiane dell’ Egeo (1912-1945) sent to Italia Contemporanea in July 2020.

2020 – In Review: essay based on the presentation “Conflicting Identities. Colonial practices of identity neutralisation in the Italian Dodecanese” for the upcoming volume Citizens and Subjects of the Italian
Colonies: Legal Constructions and Social Practices, edited by Dr. Simona Berhe and Prof. Olindo de Napoli.

2019 – In peer review: ‘From Masters to Kin? Italian colonial mythology and the case of the Dodecanese’, essay for the volume Myth and History in Postcolonial Consciousness: Theory, Praxis and Politics edited by Dr. Arti
Nirmal and Dr. Sayan Dey, sent in September 2019.

2019 – In review: Assab and the Suez Canal: Traditional Networks and Imperial Agendas in the Red Sea, for the book edited by Prof. Barbara Curli “Italy and the Suez Canal”

2017 – Essay on French Contemporary History from 1848 al 1948 in: Marco Barbieri, Capire la Psicologia, Volume XX: Pierre Janet, Hachette, Milano, 2017, pp. 27-52

2014 – ‘L’insediamento di Assab (1879-1885): una nuova prospettiva tra politica coloniale e realtà locale’ was published by SiSSCo, Storie in Corso IX, June 2014

2014 – My review of Valeska Huber’s book Channeling Mobilities was published on Ethnorema #10