Mediatization and mediality of history

During the 2017-2019 triennium ISIG’s research will focus on the concepts of “mediatization” and the “mediality of history”, with particular emphasis on the transnational and interdisciplinary dimensions. The term “mediatization” refers to a series of long term historical processes, marked by an increasing permeability of society to conditioning by mass communication and phenomena of self perception that society develops through the media.

Basically this applies a multimedia and multidimensional approach to analyse the media in the context of the socio-political and cultural transformations that have characterized the modern and contemporary periods. Treating the theme of mediatization from a historical perspective makes it possible to reconstruct the development of the media in all their dimensions (economic, technical, cultural, political) through analysis of the contents, strategies of use, and effects that the media have produced in different historical contexts.

Below is a list of the projects around which the collective research is centred.

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