Fascism, War, and Resistenza as Portrayed in the Media

For some years now, my studies have focused on justice and, in particular, justice in Italy in the wake of World War II regarding the trials and granting of clemency to Fascists. The aim of my research on medialization is to study how newspapers, radio, films, newsreels, and subsequently both Italian and German TV reconstructed the events of the civil war in Italy in the years 1943-1945; how they approached the Italian Social Republic, relations with the German army, the Resistenza, and the Allies. I then want to investigate how the reconstruction and assessment of these historical events has changed over the last 70 years. The first step is to see how the press and newsreels of various European countries covered the trials of the Salò Fascists, which took place in the first years after the war, how they presented the Resistenza, and how this representation changed over the years.

Overall, I would like to come to understand if and how the media contributed to the country distancing itself from Fascism, the spread of the values of the Resistenza, and whether the media helped ensure that Italian society accepted and recognized itself in its democratic institutions.