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E' uscito "The Historiography of Transition: Critical Phases in the Development of Modernity (1494-1973)", Routledge, a cura di Paolo Pombeni

E' uscito "The Historiography of Transition: Critical Phases in the Development of Modernity (1494-1973)", Routledge, a cura di Paolo Pombeni 

Defining a “historic transition” means understanding how the complex system of intellectual, social, and material structures formed that determined the transition from a certain “universe” to a “new universe,” where the old explanations were radically rethought. In this book, a group of historians with specializations ranging from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries and across political, religious, and social fields, attempt a reinterpretation of “modernity” as the new “Axial Age.”

Routledge – 2016 – 226 pages;
Series: Routledge Approaches to History

ISBN 978-1-13-812244-4


1. Transition and Its Phases: Thoughts on Some Issues Raised Paolo Pombeni Part 1: Cultural Approaches to the Transition Issue 2. From Orality to Print: Revolution or Transition? Street Singers in the Renaissance Multi-Media System Massimo Rospocher 3. Popular Justice and Legal Transition: Getting the Law Across to the People in the SattelzeitÉmilie Delivré 4. "Collaborators" and Clemency Measures in Italy After World War II Cecilia Nubola Part 2: Transition in the Religious Sphere 5. Historiographical Transition from Renaissance to Counter-Reformation: The Case of Onofrio Panvinio (1530-1568) Stefan Bauer6. Perception of Religious Change: The First Jesuits in Austria (Sixteenth Century) Claudio Ferlan 7. "Unearthing Chaos and Giving Shape to It": The Society of Jesus After Suppression: Hiatus and Continuity Fernanda Alfieri Part 3: Transition in the Economic Sphere 8. Financial Transitions: A Hypothesis on the Origins of John Law’s Scheme (1720) Carlo Taviani 9. On the Frontier of the Empire: Manufacturing and Trade Networks Display Continuity and Change (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries) Katia Occhi Part 4: Transition in the Political Sphere 10. Transitions from War to Peace: Demobilization and Homecomings in Twentieth-Century EuropeMarco Mondini 11. Constitutional Lore in Transition: Italy and Germany Post-1945 Maurizio Cau12. Democracy in Transition: The Development of a Science of Politics in Western Europe After 1945 Gabriele D’Ottavio 13. Ideology and Transition: European Social-Democracy Copes with the "Consolidation/Dissolution" of the Postwar Years Giovanni Bernardini

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