Oeconomia Alpium III - Towards an Economic History of the Alps

Università di Trento

Palazzo di Economia, via Inama 5
Sala Conferenze

Università di Trento

Palazzo di Economia, via Inama 5
Sala Conferenze

Following two meetings held in Hall (2015) and Brig (2017), the workshop will address the fundamental issues of the economic history of the Alps in the medieval and early modern period, in preparation for the publication of a book on the subject by a leading international publishing house.



Thursday 7th October 2021


14:00-14:20 | Welcome, greetings and introduction


14:20-15:00 | Key Lecture

Jon Mathieu (Luzern), Economic History of the Alps in Global Perspective: Three Aspects (E)


15:00-16:30 | Session I: Material and Immaterial Infrastructures

Chair: Andrea Bonoldi (Trento)

Giuseppe Albertoni (Trento)/Riccardo Rao (Bergamo), Roads and Networks in the Medieval Alps. A Comparison (I)

Marie-Claude Schöpfer (Brig), Traffic Systems, Transport Structures and Markets of the Alpine Area (D)

Michael North (Greifswald), Communication in the Holy Roman Empire and the Neighboring Countries (E)


16:30-16:45 | Coffee Break


16:45-18:15 | Session II: Forms of Trade

Chair: Katia Occhi (Trento)

Markus Denzel (Leipzig), Commerce, Markets, and Money in the Pre-industrial Alpine Economy. Some Conceptional Remarks (E)

Cinzia Lorandini (Trento), Patterns of Trade in the Alpine Region from the Medieval to the Early Modern Period: Drivers, Structure and Dynamics (E)

Anne Montenach (Aix-Marseille), Retailing, Peddling, Smuggling in Pre-industrial Alps (E – Online)



Friday 8th October 2021


09:00-10:30 | Session III: Population, Mobility and Settlings

Chair: Andrea Leonardi (Trento)

Luigi Lorenzetti (Mendrisio), Elements for a History of Migration and Mobility in the Pre-industrial Alps, between Longue Durée and “Human Destinies” (8th-18th centuries) (I)

Alessio Fornasin (Udine), The Demographic History of the Alps in the Pre-industrial Age (I)

Luca Mocarelli (Milano), The Towns in the Alps: A Missed Protagonist (I)


10:30-10:45 | Coffe Break


10:45-12:15 | Session IV: Woods, Agriculture and Peasantry

Chair: Cinzia Lorandini (Trento)

Katia Occhi (Trento), The Woods of the Alps in Medieval and Early Modern Ages between Environmental Protection and Economic-Productive Function (I)

Anne-Lise Head-König (Genève), Pastoral and Agrarian Activities in the European Alpine Region and their Transformation (from the 11th Century to the Beginning of the 19th Century) (E – Online)

Aleksander Panjek (Koper), Income Integration: Family and Farm in the Pre-industrial Alps (E)


12:15-14:00 | Lunch


14:00-15:30 | Session V: Actors and Institutions

Chair: Markus Denzel (Leipzig)

Mark Häberlein (Bamberg), Entrepreneurs in the Alpine Region from the Middle Ages to the Early Nineteenth Century (E)

Luigi Provero (Torino), Local Churches and Resources in the Alps, from Reform to Reformation (11th-16th centuries) (E)

Andrea Bonoldi (Trento), Law, Politics, Customs: Institutions in the Pre-industrial Alps (I)


15:30-15:45 | Coffe Break


16:00-18:00 | Visit to Torre Aquila, Castello del Buonconsiglio



Saturday 9th October 2021


09:30-10:30 | Session VI: Environment, Climate and Resources

Chair: Marie-Claude Schöpfer (Brig)

Christian Rohr (Bern), General Climatic Conditions and Adaptive Strategies for the Alpine Economies (8th-19th centuries) (E)

Philipp Rössner (Manchester), Mining in the Alps (E – Online)


10:30-10:45 | Coffee Break



Markus Denzel (Leipzig), Conclusions and discussion


12:00 | Lunch


Organising Committee:
Andrea Bonoldi, Andrea Leonardi and Cinzia Lorandini (Dipartimento di Economia e Management, Università di Trento)
Michaela Oberhuber (Storia e regione/Geschichte und Region)
Katia Occhi (Istituto Storico Italo-Germanico | FBK)


The event will take place In-Person (Green Pass mandatory) and online (Zoom platform). The registration is free, but necessary and mandatory
Deadline: Tuesday October 5, 2021 at 12.00 Noon
There is a maximum 46 participants due the the Covid rules.
To attend online, please fill in the Zoom registration-form at www.unitn.it/oeconomia-alpium; as soon as you finish you will receive immediately an email with your personal Zoom-link to the event. Please do not disclose it to anyone else, thank you.The link is valid for all sessions of the three-day event.


Official workshop languages: English, Italian and German; simultaneous translation from Italian to German and vice versa is provided (only in-person).


Gardafoto, 2015 – © Castello del Buonconsiglio, Trento





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