The researchers of the Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG) publish the results of their research both with external publishing houses and in specialized national and international journals, as well as in the book series and journals based at ISIG, which are listed below.

ISIG’s publications are in various languages and are edited by the editorial staff of FBK from the original text to the layout of the print.

The book series are published by the Società Editrice il Mulino in Bologna, by the publishing house De Gruyter in Berlin, or directly by FBK Press. They are mainly published in paper and electronic format. Some volumes are available in Open Access in order to promote the dissemination of knowledge.

ISIG’s publications are produced with the contribution of the Autonomous Province of Trento.



Annali Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento
Since 1975, the journal “Annali dell’Istituto storico italo germanico in Trento / Jahrbuch des italienisch-deutschen historischen Instituts in Trient” has been promoting contacts among scholars  of different generations and nationalities working on historical issues from the late Middle Ages to the contemporary period in a European and extra-European context. Particular emphasis is placed on the relationships between the Italian and German-speaking areas. As of 2018, the issues of “Annali / Jahrbuch” are special issues, each one edited by one or more scholars and consisting in five to seven articles in English, Italian, or German. The journal was awarded “Class A” by ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System. Please submit submission proposals to: [email protected].
Cover ARO  

ARO – Annali.Recensioni.Online
“Annali.Reviews.Online” (ARO) is an electronic journal devoted entirely to book reviews of new publications focusing on European history, with special attention to the German- and Italian-speaking areas. Furthermore, ARO has a cross-epochal, interdisciplinary, and international character.


Quaderni Quaderni
The Italian-German Historical Institute publishes the proceedings of its «Study Weeks» and other major conferences in this series. The volumes are published by the Società editrice il Mulino and are available both as traditional paper books and e-books, in certain cases also in open access. As of 2018, the series Quaderni also hosts the research results by individual researchers of ISIG, as well as external historians who collaborate with the institute or work on related research topics and/or methods.
Studies Studies in Early Modern and Contemporary History (SEMC)
This book series is published by De Gruyter. It contains the proceedings of major conferences held at ISIG in English or German. The series also contains edited volumes and monographs edited or written by scholars from outside ISIG who work on topics that are central also to ISIG.The primary focus is on European history, with special emphasis on the history of German-Italian relations. One of the series’ virtues is the cross-epochal perspective of many of its publications, which has become one of the trademarks of the institute.
Transfer Transfer
This book series, published by De Gruyter, is devoted to publishing German translations of recent Italian historical studies. The volumes in question had previously been published by renowned Italian publishers and had received positive critical acclaim in Italy. With this book series, ISIG aims to stimulate the general interest of German-speaking readers in various periods of Italian and European history with the translation of these studies into German. Transfer has a cross-epochal and cross-cultural approach.
Fonti Fonti
The volumes in this series are an instrument for the dissemination of historical sources and archival material that is not always easily accessible. From 2020 they are published by FBK Press (previously they were published by Il Mulino), and they are available in Open Access.
The publications of FBK Press aim to make the research results of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler available to a wide audience. Special attention is paid to the regional dimension of the Trentino, and to younger generations.


SERIES 1976-2018

Monografie Monografie
The series hosted the research results of individual researchers of the Italian-German Historical Institute as well as external historians who collaborated with the institute or worked on related research topics and/or methods. The volumes were published by the Società editrice il Mulino and are available both as traditional paper books and e-books, in certain cases also in Open Access. In 2018, the series Monografie became part of the series Quaderni.
Contributi Contributi/Beiträge
This series, jointly edited by the Società Editrice il Mulino and Duncker & Humblot, hosted the results of historical research from the early modern period to the most recent past in an international context. The volumes were published in various languages, mostly in English.
Cover Quderni Schriften
Schriften were the German-language book series of the Italian-German Historical Institute. The volumes were published by Duncker & Humblot in Berlin and are available in both print and e-book format.
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