The Institute’s research activities are divided into projects. One common line of study regards the theme of the “mediatization of history”, which involves the entire research team in an extremely interdisciplinary and transnational spirit. Alongside the joint research activities there are other projects involving third party research bodies and co-financers. The Institute team members also conduct other individual research activities.

Mediatization and mediality of history

During the 2017-2019 triennium ISIG’s research will focus on the concepts of “mediatization” and the “mediality of history”, with particular emphasis on the transnational and interdisciplinary dimensions. The term “mediatization” refers to a series of long term historical processes, marked by an increasing permeability of society to conditioning…

Co-financed Projects

ISIG also promotes and develops historical scientific projects through collaboration with national and international scientific bodies and with the support of public and private external financers.

Completed projects

This section presents the research projects promoted over the course of recent years by the Italo-Germanic Historical Institute. For information about earlier scientific activities refer to the previous ISIG website.

Documentary Sources

For years the Institute has co-ordinated research and digital cataloguing projects in collaboration with archival institutions in Italy and Austria (Vatican Secret Archives, Trent State Archive, Trent Public Library, Tyrolean Regional Archives). Some of these studies have been published in the series, “Fonti dell'Istituto Storico Italo-Germanico"