3-year research fellowship at the Istituto Storico Italo-Germanico | EXPIRED

07 Marzo 2019

A 3-year research fellowship is available at the Istituto Storico Italo-Germanico in conjunction with the new collaborative European project Public Renaissance: Urban Cultures of Public Space between Early Modern Europe and the Present (PURE) and funded by Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA).

The central concept of the project is that of a “Public Renaissance”, by which we intend to examine both the urban cultures of public space in the early modern era, and to set this into dynamic dialogue with the recently invigorated discourse around the agency of public space in shaping contemporary events. An interdisciplinary team of architectural, social and cultural historians, in collaboration with non-academic partners from the heritage sector, will probe the continuities and ruptures that shape urban spaces of the past in relation to contemporary urban interaction in the urbanised heart of Europe.
The successful applicant will focus his/her research on two or more urban centres in Italy to develop, through archival and primary research, a comparative analysis of how built urban public spaces (streets, squares, markets, taverns, churches) provided settings for political and social interaction across a range of social groups.

Application deadline: 19th March, 2019

Full details here:

For further information, you can contact directly the PI:

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