Postcards to the Unknown Soldier. War and mourning in popular writing

Webinar su Google Meet

Webinar su Google Meet

As the President of the Republic recently recalled, 4 November 2021 will mark the centenary of the rite of the Unknown Soldier, one of the most intense and participatory events of civil religion in Italy. Among the various initiatives organised on that occasion, the Honours Committee marketed a commemorative postcard that citizens could send to the unnamed soldier with phrases, thoughts or a simple signature.

The more than thirty thousand postcards sent from all over the world and collected by the Istituto del Risorgimento constitute an extraordinary source for understanding the emotional and social impact of the war on Italian society and the forms of mourning after the war. On the basis of an initial study of this very special popular writing, the speaker will try to illustrate not only the recovery project – currently underway – of these postcards but also the thematic nodes that are emerging from the first reading of this extraordinary source.

Scientific coordination: Anna Grillini, FBK-ISIG

cycle of seminars: Storie in costruzione. Nuovi orizzonti della storia contemporanea


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  • Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca
    Docente di storia contemporanea dell’Università di Milano-Bicocca, si è occupata di storia sociale, politica e culturale del Nov


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