"ANNALI.REVIEWS.ONLINE" VI- 2023/3 - New Issue

04 October 2023

The September edition of “Annali.Reviews.Online”, the last issue of 2023. It opens with an interesting Forum devoted to the book of Marco Armiero, Roberta Biasillo, and Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, La natura del duce. Una storia ambientale del fascismo, reviewed in the Italian edition (published by Einaudi) by Simona Leoni Boscani (Bern) and in the English edition Mussolini’s Nature (published by MIT Press) by Anna Koch (London).
As usual, ARO furthermore presents the latest publications in the field of early modern and contemporary history, devoted to multiple research themes, among which the history of archives, demography, diplomacy between Italy and Russia, the mafia and terrorism, and many others.
We hope that you enjoy this issue. The next issue of “Annali.Reviews.Online” will come out in Spring 2024. From next year the journal will be published twice a year, 31 March and 30 September respectively.
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