Book presentations: Giovanni Bernardini, "Parigi 1919. La Conferenza di pace" (Il Mulino, 2019)

20 January 2020

Two presentations of the book “Parigi 1919. La Conferenza di Pace” by Giovanni Bernardini, Associated Fellow at the Italian-German Historical Institute in Trento, will be held at the Bookshop “Arcadia” (Rovereto, January 29) and at the Bookshop “Ancora” (Trento, January 30).

The Peace Conference held in Paris in 1919 aimed at reshaping the political map of Europe and of large parts of the world after the end of the Great War. Much has been debated on the hope and disappointment raised by the Conference, on the gap between the principles that inspired it and the Realpolitik of its solutions, and above all on its long-term consequences, from the rise of Nazism to the permanent state of disorder in the Middle East. This book aims at placing the Conference in its original context, marked by the increasing dissent among the winners, while giving to the

reader the elements necessary to understand how the peace process influenced the global developments during the following decades.

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