Camilla Tenaglia

  • Research Fellow
FBK-Isig, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

1990                       Born in Trento (Italy)
2009-2012            BA in International Studies at the University of Bologna
2012-2015             MA in International Relations at the University of Bologna
Spring 2014          Exchange student at Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)
2015-2018            PhD Candidate at the University of Trento and the Italian German Historical Institute in Trento. Project on Mgr. Celestino Endrici, Prince Bishop of Trento (1904-1940).
April-May 2018   DAAD Short term research fellowship at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Dal 2018               Research assistant at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Project on the selection process of italian Prefects (1970-2000), in the context of the DFG Project “Personalentscheidungen bei gesellschaftlichen Schlüsselpositionen”
Dal 2019               Affiliated fellow at ISIG


Prefects in Italy (1970-2000)
This research, part of the project “Personalentscheidungen in der öffentlichen Verwaltung seit den Krisen der 1970er Jahre: Nationale und internationale Perspektiven” coordinated by professor Christoph Cornelissen, focuses con the selection process of Italian prefects from Regionalisation (1970) to the riorganization of prefectoral carrieer at the end of the ’90. The aim is to analyse the relations between the law, the debate and the praxis concerning this selections.


Celestino Endrici: Story of the last Prince Bishop
The PhD research project focused on Mgr. Celestino Endrici, Prince Bishop of Trento between 1904 and 1940 and especially on the period after WWI and his incarceration by Habsburg authorities. At the end of the war, welcomed back in Italy as an hero, Endrici was able to assert himself as a personality and a crucial actor in the redefinition of the new Trentino province (schools, legal issues, religious issues). The Bishop is regarded as part of the larger foreign policy of the Holy See, seen as a multilayered actor of the international system, towards Italy.

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Tenaglia Camilla, Da cardinale volante a Papa internazionale: Pacelli sul trono di Pietro, in Bernardini G., Cornelißen C., La medialità della storia. Nuovi studi sulla rappresentazione della politica e della società, Bologna: Il Mulino, 2019, pp. 271-293.

Tenaglia Camilla, Il mondo cattolico trentino alla prova: tra Regno e Regime (1918-1931), in preparation (Cliopress, Fedoa Books).

Review to Paolo Magaudda, Gabriele Balbi (a cura di), Fallimenti digitali. Un’archeologia dei “nuovi” media, Milano: Unicopli, 2018 in ARO, III, 2020, 1