Between Muftis, Qadis, and an Aleppine Landlady: the Surprising Oriental Paper Trail of Domenico Adami (1690-1710)

Among the many riches of the recently discovered Adami-Lami archive in Florence are the private papers of the merchant Domenico Adami, who spent a long career trading in the Ottoman levant in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.  Alongside hundreds of documents in European languages, these include several dozen private letters, contracts, and legal records in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish, providing a unique opportunity to reconstruct the ways in which a Tuscan merchant could become embedded in the commercial and social life of Ottoman Aleppo.

Massimo Rospocher, FBK-ISIG


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Massimo Rospocher, Enrico Valseriati, FBK-ISIG


Ciclo di seminari: “Tavola ovale di storia moderna


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  • Giancarlo Casale is professor of early modern Mediterranean history at the European University Institute. His recent publications include "Prisoner of the Infidels: The Memoir of an Ottoman Muslim in 17th-Century Europe" (University of California, 2021). Since 2011, he has also served as executive editor of the "Journal of Early Modern History".
  • Matteo Calcagni is Ph.D. Researcher in early modern history at the European University Institute. His research project 'Hard Times in the Levant' focuses on the mobility of Tuscan traders in the Mediterranean between the late 17th and early 18th centuries. His latest publication is ‘I limiti della neutralità’ in "Archivio Storico Italiano" (no. 3 – 2021).


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