"Environment and Infrastructure" has been published

28 April 2023

Just out Giacomo Bonan and Katia Occhi (eds), Environment and Infrastructure from the Early Modern Period to the Present. Challenges, Knowledge and Innovation, Studies in Early Modern and Contemporary European History 6, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, Berlin-Boston 2023

Analyzing infrastructures from many methodological and thematic perspectives, the present volume adopts an extensive periodization to identify the undeniable changes caused by industrialization and the persistence of pre-existing features and dynamics. The contributions range from the late Middle Ages to the 1990s and deepen historical characteristics of urban metabolism, the study of energy systems and their transitions, and the management and control of water resources.


Giacomo Bonan
Matteo Di Tullio
David Gentilcore
Frédéric Graber
John R. McNeill
Astrid Mignon Kirchhof
Yaroslav Koshelev
Claudio Lorenzini
Florian Manthey
Simone M. Müller
Katia Occhi
Giacomo Parrinello
Anna-Katharina Pelkner
Judith Schein
Tim Soens
Georg Stöger
Helmuth Trischler
Christiane Uhlig
Fabienne Will

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