Tracking a community: the Jesuit Digital Catalogs Database

The Digital Catalogs Database is the new digital resource being developed by the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies to facilitate research not only on the Society of Jesus before the suppression, but also on Modern History in general. By gathering all the information from the Triennales catalogs, the platform will perform qualitative and quantitative analyses over a long period of time on a complete and homogeneous sample represented by Jesuits recorded in the sources stored in the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu. The system is based on the unique recognition of each subject included in the database. Thus, the Digital Catalog Database will also allow for the integration of existing information into previous digital tools developed by the IAJS. Together with an introduction to the general characteristics of the documents intended to be included in the database, an overview of the inspiring principles of the project will precede the presentation of some examples aimed at understanding the potential of the digital tool.

Chair: Claudio Ferlan, FBK-ISIG

Scientific coordination:
Massimo Rospocher, FBK-ISIG
Sandra Toffolo, FBK-ISIG


Cycle of seminars: “Tavola ovale di storia moderna


The event will be held in English

The presentation will take place online

To attend the event, registration is required by Thursday 10 November 2022 at 10.00 am


Biblioteca FBK, fondo antico


  • Alessandro Corsi - Speaker
    Boston College
    Alessandro Corsi, Ph.D., specializes in qualitative and quantitative historical analysis of Ancien Régime social structures, observed through the lens of digital tools. In his two-semester fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies - Boston College (2022), Corsi is implementing a database based on Triennales and Breves registration catalogs of the Old Society stored at ARSI, which he started during his postdoctoral research held at Fondazione 1563 (2019–2021).
  • Cristiano Casalini - Speaker
    Boston College
    Cristiano Casalini, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and Endowed Chair in Jesuit Pedagogy and Educational History at Lynch School of Education and Human Development, and a Research Scholar with the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies - Boston College. Casalini teaches History of Jesuit Pedagogy, Social Justice in Jesuit Contexts, and Philosophy of Education, and serves as editor-in-chief of a series published by Brill on History of Early Modern Educational Thought. Casalini’s field of research is mainly early modern education, especially Jesuit education.


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