A Research position in Digital History for the ERC project HOLYLAB

06 Giugno 2024

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The Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG) is a research center that promotes historical studies in the field of early modern and contemporary history. Research activities are highly interdisciplinary, transnational. ISIG’s researchers develop projects in collaboration with other institutions and conduct individual studies in political, religious, social, cultural, environmental, and economic history. The study activities promoted by ISIG maintain a constant dialogue with the most recent international historiographic trends.
In line with the aims of all the FBK Research Centres, ISIG pays particular attention to innovative scientific research practices with extensive bestowal of results to the community.



Job Description

This 1-year position is an integral part of the ERC-funded research project HOLYLAB (Grant agreement no. 101001857) based at ISIG and Roma Tre University and coordinated by Prof. Felicita Tramontana. The central task of the candidate is to develop and populate an open-access online database for the project starting from the collected dataset in spreadsheet format. As part of the research unit based at the ISIG, the candidate will be responsible for the planned database of the ERC project HOLYLAB. The project studies the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, a thirteenth-century organisation funded to maintain the Holy Sepulchre and the friars’ presence in the Holy Land thanks to a complex system of alms gathering that involved worldwide branches called Commissariats. HOLYLAB investigates the Custody’s economic organisation through its account books for the period 1600 and 1800. One of the project’s main objectives is to offer free access to the data on money, costs, mobility, and consumption extracted from the accounting documents of Franciscan Commissariats.

The candidate will work with the spreadsheet dataset collected by the research unit based at Roma Tre and from these develop the database through a DBMS and the WordPress platform hosted on the Roma Tre servers. The candidate therefore will also use web publishing tools and coordinate with the IT Office of Roma Tre University. If possible, the candidate will produce visualisations from the database to be published on its website.

The candidates will also be expected to actively contribute to the academic life of the Centre and participate to the events organised within the ERC project by:

  • participating regularly in HOLYLAB meetings, events, and training;
  • contributing actively to the activities of the Centre.


The ideal candidate should have:

  • MA Degree in one of the following fields: History, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Digital Humanities, Digital engineering;
  • Research experience in projects in the following fields: History, Digital humanities, Digital history, Arts and Humanities, Digital Exhibitions;
  • Professional and thorough knowledge of Excel spreadsheets for the management of the project’s database.
    Specifically, such requirements involve:

    • writing and running VBA macros, also complex ones (for instance, in order to modify the database structure and to manage simultaneously several value fields);
    • write Office Scripts for the above purposes;
    • analyse data through integrated calculation tools;
    • use pivot tables.
  • Knowledge of web publishing tools for managing the webpages where the project’s research and database will be published.
    Specifically, such requirements involve:

    • using one of the main CMS for the creation of digital exhibitions and archives (for instance, Omeka, CollectiveAccess, Islandora);
    • using WordPress.
  • Knowledge of at least one Open Access DBMS (preferably MariaDB):
  • Teamwork approach, good communication and relational skills;
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English;
  • Self-motivation and result orientation.


As preferable requirements:

  • Knowledge of PHP and Python.
  • Familiarity with Azure Functions.



Type of contract: Fixed Term Contract
Working hours: part time 80%
Gross annual salary: about € 36.250 plus objectives achievement bonus.Compensation to be adjusted proportionally to the hours worked.
Start date: indicatively September 2024
Duration: 12 months
Workplace: Povo – Trento
Benefits: flexi-time, company subsidised cafeteria or meal vouchers, internal car park, welcome office support for visa formalities, accommodation, supplementary pension and health funds, training courses, public transport, sports facilities, language course fees. Further details at https://www.fbk.eu/en/work-with-us/



Interested candidates must submit their application by completing the online form   (https://jobs.fbk.eu/). Please make sure that your application contains the following attachments (in pdf format):

  • Detailed CV (with detailed description of responsibilities, tasks, and results for each previous position);
  • Two referees (with e-mails and phone numbers)


Application Deadline: 08/07/2024 


Please read our Recruitment Regulations before completing your application.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Services at .